30 Days to Start a Business: Onward! (Day 30)

by Caleb Page on October 17, 2012

This is the last post of a 30-day series on how to start a business. Yesterday I covered strategy changes. Today we finish as I continue forward with the business.

We’re there. The business is running. Is it perfect? No; this is a work in process

Take a look at what’s been accomplished – we identified a product and tested it. I built a supply chain between developers and call centers. We created fulfillment and billing processes. I recruited independent contractors to sell. Two partners joined the business.

Next week we are opening a small call center in Provo, Utah. I’m amazed at how less expensive business is in Utah versus California. The annual fee for a LLC in Utah is $15. In California one has to pay $800.

It was great to share this part of the experience. I hope you benefited from the series. The point is you can start a business if you want it – there is plenty of help available. I’m also clear that I skipped a few steps due to only having 30 days. It wasn’t intentional. Please comment on the blog with any questions and I’ll respond shortly.

Now back to our weekly blog efforts (until the next series)!

Start Today! If you’ve decided that it’s time to stop reading others’ experiences and to start creating your own, get started by finding your best business idea.

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